Nice to meet you

Layers off. Make yourself comfortable. But keep your thinking cap on.

The face behind the header, speaking. The name is Marianne. I am a twenty-something woman of African descent (Cameroon). I have lived in London since the end of the noughties but was born and bred in Brussels, Belgium. Bearing in mind the personally crippling yet economically sustainable repercussions of the Fixed Book Price Agreement on The Continent, I grew up having to be judicious in my choice of books, a lot of which were devoured in French. My teens were spent sniffing and stroking books’ spines more than purchasing them. I owe more to libraries than the occasional late fee.

I was raised a polyglot, hence my unfathomable accent(s). This will be reflected in my discussions and commentaries on works from around the world. Over time I have read some terrible Spanish novellas (the non-tele type), odd Dutch thrillers (always with the severed limbs!), and many dry and verbose French classics. But these days it’s mostly offbeat and exciting English-language novels, poems, essays, and other stories.

This here is an opportunity for me to share mine and others’ reading experiences with you while having fun. Although my focus is on books as paper- or hardbacks, I will do my best to discuss stories in a range of formats: audiobooks, podcasts, films, or apps, where relevant. Expect a lot of manic laughter, sporadic witty repartee, and the odd furrowed brows and wet cheeks (I am looking at you, Ta-Nehisi Coates) as I get through this shelfie analysis.

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