Skin deep. #myfriendsarereading … The Regulars

Reader: L.K., Female, 22, lives in NYC
Citizenship/nationality: Nigeria/USA
BookThe Regulars by Georgia Clark
Photo sent from: NYC, USA

What is the book about? why should we read it? The Regulars by Georgia Clark is a novel. It is an accessible, fun read that centres around three ‘regular’ twenty-something women living in New York City who come across a mysterious serum called Pretty. It promises to make them all ‘gorgeous’ – but not without a catch. A quick read, the novel explores the idea of beauty as social currency irreverently and humorously.


Editor’s note:

It’s not over yet. But in recent weeks, Tr*mp’s campaign has been weakened by a range of discoveries regarding his perception of womanhood. The Republican candidate’s vision of the female condition is inextricably conflated with a term sometimes used as a metonymy of our gender: beauty. So pervasive is it that as a woman you are unlikely to browse the web with failing a ClearBlue advert that will make you reconsider your cycle, at least one image will be a suggestion on how to improve your face. Of course, there is nothing wrong with pampering oneself. But how far should we go, and what will it look like once we are there?

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