Closer. #myfriendsarereading … Touching from a Distance

My friend A.H. has been reading a non-fiction book about one of the most important musical voices to come out of Manchester, UK.

Reader: A.H., Female, 24, lives in London
Citizenship/nationality: British
Book: Touching from a Distance by Deborah Curtis
Photo sent from: London, United Kingdom

What are you reading; why did you pick it? I’ve just finished Touching from a Distance: Ian Curtis and Joy Division by Deborah Curtis, his widow. I picked this up because I like Joy Division’s music and have always been compelled by Curtis’s dark lyrics. I loved the fact that the book is deeply personal and not a biography painted in glory or myth.


Editor’s note:

Ian Curtis’s lyrical pessimism was informed by the chronic pain with which he lived until his untimely passing, aged just 23. Suffering from both physical and mental health injuries, he took his own life in 1980, four years after Joy Division was formed. The band had a unique sound and remains largely associated with the kind of punk and angst rarely seen this side of the 21st century. For anyone interested in Curtis and Joy Division more generally, I recommend checking out  the 2007 biopic Control by Dutch director Anton Corbijn, although Deborah Curtis isn’t exactly a fan

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