Feministing galore #myfriendsarereading … Bad Feminist

Reader: A.K., Female, 25, lives in London
Citizenship/nationality: Polish Londoner
Book: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
Photo sent from: London, United Kingdom

What is this book about; why would you recommend reading it?

It’s a collection of essays looking at  day to day situations, as well as media and pop culture representations of women. Gay calls herself a “bad” feminist, because she’s guilty of singing along to Robin Thicke’s songs or enjoying HBO’s Girls despite its blatant misrepresentation of race in modern New York.

But she’s a “good” feminist, really, because of the honesty with which she writes – not pretending to show her truth as the only truth; simply trying to tell a story of navigating through life as a woman. Not as all women, not as every woman, but as A Woman. A very entertaining read.


Editor’s note: 

Within the black feminist discourse, and feminism more generally, Gay is an unmissable voice. She has written for every major American outlet you can think of. I warmly recommend her piece on female friendships and how to nurture camaraderie between women; something often covertly discouraged within society through competition. Read it over here

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