Brick by brick. #myfriendsarereading … The Bricks That Built The Houses

Reader: C.C-T., Female, 23, lives in Montreal
Citizenship/nationality: British-Canadian, Spanish-born
Book: The Bricks That Built The Houses by Kate Tempest
Photo sent from: London, United Kingdom

Why is this book about; why should we read it?

Kate Tempest is a babe. From her poetry to her music, she is a true icon and inspiration. At first, her book read like a long poem and I was unsure if it worked as narrative fiction.

However, as I got deeper into it, the stories and the characters became more textured, flawed and beautiful. If you want a true book about the grittiness of life in London, look no further. (I secretly want to be Kate Tempest when I grow up).

Editor’s note:

Kate Tempest’s singularly cross-media storytelling appeal is the epitome of millennial creativity. Working with tunes, verses, and prose, she is one of the young voices (think: poet, activist, and rapper Akala) taking down the Dixon-Mason-like delineations of the music, poetry, and fiction worlds with her many endeavours. Exploring issue of class, race, and success. Based in south east London areas such as the primarily working-class Deptford, The Bricks That Built The House is her first published work of fiction, out now via Bloomsbury Publishing. For a taste of Tempest’s more sonic contributions, check out her awesome video for Circles.


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