Marianne starts new things

I have been quiet – redact that. I have been dormant. This is the by-product of a liminal space I was inhabiting.

The news

As of 16 December, I am no longer a Flight (Publishing) Associate at Spread the Word, where I had been since January of this year, gathering experience and working on my writing and reading.

But prior to this bittersweet conclusion, came a blessing: I have taken on a new role. As of this month I am working for 4th Estate and William Collins, both part of HarperCollins. I anticipate that this wonderful change will lead to a slightly more intermittent output on this platform, but don’t you dare think that it’s going anywhere. If anything, working for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Hilary Mantel, David Cameron, JG Ballard, Jeremy Paxman, Professor Brian Cox, Imbolo Mbue, et al.’s publisher may lead to more books I can fall for falling into my lap.

The end product

This new role, paired with the ongoing Southern rail strike, led to earlier mornings, and longer evenings spent at work. On top of this newness, while settling into my new editorial role, I was working with my amazing teammates Sara and Shreeta in the evenings and on weekends. We worked hard on putting together Issue 3 of Flight Journal, the digital literary magazine we have been managing for a year. In July, we had published Issue 2, with 6 short stories of up to 2500 words. Issue 3 features 12 flash fiction stories of up to 500 words.

For this issue we decided to set the theme of ‘The city: isolation/togetherness.’ The result is fresh, new, eclectic stories. They take on different forms and tones, centring around love, nature, housing, employment, class, family, and most importantly human empathy. You can read the end product of this for free on our website – alongside the rest of my shared input at Flight: Flight Journal Issue 3


A small surprise: the dirty dozen features none other than a short story by yours truly, which you can read here:

People Who Have Never Hurt Me (Or So They Think)

I’ll be putting out more recommendations in coming days to get you through Christmas shopping.

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