“People are afraid to merge on freeways.” #myfriendsarereading Less Than Zero

Reader: A.W., Female, 24, lives in London
Citizenship/nationality: American
Book: Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis
Photo sent from: London, United Kingdom

What’s this book about; why did you choose it?

Had never read this book before, but as I grew up in Los Angeles, it has come up in conversations with friends in Europe. This book made me feel weird. It’s very minimal in the sense that Easton Ellis doesn’t allow his readers to get emotional.

The main character of the book is awful, truly a privileged white male asshole, and yet you sort of let him off the hook. Having grown up in LA, but now living abroad, I can relate to the feeling of alienation when I return, and to some extent to the depiction of the city, albeit very one-dimensional. On so many levels this book frustrated me, but I secretly really enjoyed it.


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