One nation; two camps. #myfriendsarereading Americanah

Reader: C.W., Male, 28, lives in London/N
Citizenship/nationality: British/American
Book: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Photo sent from: North Carolina, United States

Americanah was a paperback for a time I really needed one. I was guarded about it at first, I don’t know why. Perhaps it was just stylistically new for me – at times abrupt and jagged, other time lyrical. In was interesting that it took the move to America and the UK of our protagonists before I really fully engaged (how depressing it is that I need something so close to home until I can engage empathetically).

Anyway, a novel of a kind I usually am resistant to. I like to think of relationships as something you continually build with someone, indistinguishable from that life you forge together. Romance as rooted in the day-to-day rather than trying to capture some Gestalt image of youthful possibility which the ideal relationship bottles/recaptures.

Despite myself and my prejudices I was utterly charmed by the end. It made me think about the importance of people who change you, and whether you become too defined at a certain point such that you no longer look for people who you want to make you, but are compatible – whose form of life can run in sync in close quarters – barely impeding your routine.


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