About My Literary Playground

Marianne. Belgo-Cameroonian millennialist. Writes, edits, jokes, reads, and muses. 

What is My Literary Playground?: This is my happy place for books, somewhere for me to share [my, your] reading experiences. I hope to talk to friends, lovers, strangers, and relatives about the books that make them laugh, smile, or stop and think, like I do. Perhaps this is a covert way to reclaim the word ‘literary’ too. The higher the brow does not mean the better the book. (‘We all bleed red! we all read letters!,’ etc.)

Raison d’être:  I have written about the d-word before: ‘diversity’. It’s time to walk. I want this to be an open, respectful, and inclusive platform to exchange ideas about what people like to read and why and raise awareness of interesting books from around the world.

I believe in the transformative power of the written word, personally and professionally

Professionally, I work in editorial for a publishing house. I have written for a number of literary publications, which you can read about on my website. Somewhere along the way I also completed two book-centric degrees in London.

Personally: Read up on me here.

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